Blueprint Professional & Personal Growth Part II Essay

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Individual Reflection : My Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth II
Mariah Kamal
Walden University
October 21, 2013

This paper is my analytic theorem to my Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth from the course “Dynamic Leadership”. It gives a brief breakdown of my path to achieving my MBA. An executive summary is presented to show how the course educated me in a more systematic way and how it helped me identify my qualities as a leader and my values. Furthermore, in detail is three (3) goals I plan to achieve in my personal and professional development.

Executive Summary
Throughout this course, Dynamic Leadership has educated me and enlightened me in three aspects –
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Furthermore, Deb Henretta’s interview also displayed so many reflections in the way she runs her business as I have a little similarity managing and leading mine. Some important factors that she tackled in correspondence to other articles that I have read in the book of “Passion and Purpose” which have connections in how I run and manage my organiztaion. Such as the importance of your personnel satisfaction that will result into better use and expansion of their abilities in which it is also stated in an article by Dominic Barton (Coleman et. al, 2012g), the importance of working with the team of diverse individuality “Embracing the Global Generation” (Coleman et. al, 2012) and also recognizing the distinctiveness of every staff regardless of their gender, sex or race “Nonconforming Culture” by Kimberly Carter(Carter,2012). In conclusion, by recognizing my values, principles and goals, I was able to have a picture of how long I can achieve my set objectives and more precisely how I go about in attaining it. With my MBA, I believe not only I can change certain things but also develop it into a higher success for a longer term effects. The shared practices within the forum, helped me to be more analytical and logic. Reading from my peers their diverse experience and goals, not only powered me to achieve more, open other types of companies, listen more, better creative ideas, but most importantly they give me the “determination” in achieving them
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