Bluetooth And Wi Fi Networks

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two branches of the same tree. They only differ in the way they are used. Bluetooth is used to transfer data between devices, which are placed near to each other, without the use of cables. Terminology of Wi-Fi is quite the same but the range of distance between the devices could be quite large. A typical Wi-Fi network that is being used in a household could have a range of 200m but a Wi-Fi network that is being used by a business firm could transfer data in several kilometers.
Bluetooth has a small area of influence (area in which a particular device or network has some influence). Mostly Bluetooth is used to transfer data between personnel devices such as handsets, tablets etc. Content that is basically transferred using Bluetooth is usually small, in Mbs, such as music sounds, low quality, short videos and stuff like that.
Nowadays each and every computer device has Bluetooth enabled in it. From mobiles to tablets, laptops to desktop computers every single one of them has Bluetooth facility with them. Bluetooth is a necessity in today’s electronic lifestyle. A company that manufactures computer devices would not prosper in this field unless it gives extra features and when we talk about extra features Bluetooth is the top priority.
On the other hand Wi-Fi is much more advance than Bluetooth. Wi-Fi has a lot bigger network as compared to Bluetooth and with a bigger network it means that it is much more efficient and suitable for large

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