Blurryface By Twenty One Pilots-Personal Narrative

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My thoughts have engulfed me into a room full of screams. Some are positive, but most are negative. It’s like I’ve been put in this hole trying to scratch my way out of it looking for the lit up, neon sign that reads ‘Exit’. It’s been about eight years, and at the dark end of what I thought led to nowhere finally showed the red neon sign. I see my future of hope, and along with that came the cold, wet streaks that ran down my face. As I get closer to the exit, I was blinded by red, green, and blue beams of light that someone could easily mistaken for as a UFO. My body started vibrating and music erupted throughout everywhere. ‘There it is,’ I thought, ‘there’s hope.’ This past year I’ve experienced a wildly long series of horrific events.…show more content…
At those moments, at the those horrifying moments, I would cross my foot over the other, spin around, and make my way back to the place I first woke up from. Every time I laid my body into those warm, comforting, fuzzy covers, I traveled to what seemed like a whole other universe. I would plug my ears with the white plastic microphones and would turn on the album that brought me peace; Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots. I have gone on two road trips filled with enjoyment with my sister Brooke to see the two people who understood me most: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn. They are the two legendary music makers that created the Blurryface album. They ARE the ones that brought hope back into my life and helped me catch a glimpse of my future that was filled with heart throbbing emotions; obviously they are emotions filled with joy, not sadness. As I was looking out the window, I saw the Iwireless Center in Moline, Illinois pass through my vision. My body filled with an emotion that was so incredibly unexplainable. I was stuck outside in the ticket line, but my body didn’t feel cold. I had these hot sensations…show more content…
I know they understand me and the thoughts that slowly inch their way across my mind. The minute I was introduced to the album, my life made a 360 degree turn. This album, that brings a rare feeling to not only me but many others, allows me to escape to a world that doesn’t exist in reality. If it wasn’t for this prized possession of mine, my present life and my future wouldn’t have the hope that I need to get through this crazy life of
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