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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”- Jerry Rice. I love this quote by Jerry Rice because it says the hard work you put in will pay off. That while others are slacking off, you are bettering yourself and are one step closer to your goals. Throughout this essay, I will explain what exercise is, how fast your heart should beat, how many calories should be burned, and that muscle fibers should be broken down. A normal resting heart rate for people 10 years or older is 60-100 beats per minute (BPM). For an athlete, it’s around 40-60 BPM. A raised or elevated outline is how many BPM you should have during your workout. The best way to find your maximum heart rate to subtract 220 from your age. So mine would…show more content…
After a lot of contracting and relaxing of the muscles, oxygen filled blood rushes into the muscle. This is what all lifters call a “Pump”. When the stress on the muscle is over, lactic acid comes sliding in and starts breaking down the muscle. The muscle will then grow back bigger and stronger. For example, let's say I go to the track and do some sprints. After a couple, my legs fill with blood and feel like big balloons. When I am done running, I stretch out and walk around. My legs will still feel tight and begin to feel sore. The “soreness” is the lactic acid being released to break the muscle down. The reason the body breaks down muscles is because it is lazy. It wants everything to be easy. And when it isn’t easy, the body breaks down and rebuilds the muscles until the task is easy.
Children and teens breakdown and grow muscle at a faster rate than adults. Now, I am not saying that you’re going to find a 8 year old that looks like the Rock. I’m saying when kids are growing, they are getting a little taller and heavier every day. Their muscles have to grow and rebuild to keep up with them. Adults are usually done grow up. So their body focuses on growing out, whether that means with fat or
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