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No. | | Remarks | Explanation | (1) | The address, telephone and facsimile numbers of the registered office. | * | Page 8 | (2) | The address, telephone and facsimile numbers of each office at which a register of securities is kept. | * | Page 8 | (3) | The particulars of each director in the listed issuer including the following information: (a) the name, age, nationality, qualification and whether the position is an executive or non-executive one and whether such director is an independent director; (b) working experience and occupation; (c) the date he was first appointed to the board; (d) the details of any board committee to which he belongs; (e) any other directorship of public companies; (f) any family…show more content…
| * | Page 54 | (13) | Where applicable, a brief explanation of the status of utilization of proceeds raised from any corporate proposal. | * | There were no proceeds received during the current financial year.Page 171 | (14) | The information required under paragraph 12.23 in respect of share buy-backs for the financial year. | * | The Company did not carry out any share buy back exercises during the financial year ended 31 December 2013. Page 171 | (15) | The amount of options or convertible securities issued by the listed issuer which are exercised during the financial year. | * | Page 78 |

No. | | Remarks | Explanation | (16) | A brief explanation on the depository receipt programme sponsored by the listed issuer, including the following: (a) the number and names of the custodians holding the securities for which the depository receipts are issued; (b) the total number and percentage of the securities for which the depository receipts are issued against its issued and paid-up capital and a breakdown of the same in respect of the securities held by each custodian; (c) the name of the depository bank; and (d) the stock market in which the depository receipts are traded (if applicable) | * | AMERICAN DEPOSITORY RECEIPTS (ADR)/GLOBAL DEPOSITORY RECEIPT (GDR)The Company has not sponsored any ADR/GDR programme during the financial year
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