Bmo Organizational Structure Analysis

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As Canada’s oldest bank that officially opened for business on November 3, 1817, BMO has been helping its customers and communities for over 190 years, offering them a broad range of personal, commercial, corporate and institutional financial services across Canada and in the United States. It has approximately 16,200 employees and over 960 branches across Canada. As one of the Big Five banks in Canada, it has been passionate to build team strategies and to try new challenges.
In this report we will explore the team and organizational structure of BMO and discuss the efficiency of its strategies. We will primarily be focusing on how groups are constructed within BMO and group members interact. Then on a more macro scale, we
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This means as a team, operating groups are working efficiently and that reduces its undesirable loss.
Also, proper and professional norms help to achieve industry-leading customer loyalty and enhance productivity to drive performance and shareholder value, which are the two primary goals of BMO. As the company cares about how the employees behave, especially how they interact with customer since jobs in bank is customers-based, the company will pay more attention to train and improve employees’ behaviors, and that is to say, the company will focus on the norms. At the same time, the company encourages employees to be innovative to present better wok so as to generate more values for the shareholders of BMO. In this way, the two primary goals can be achieved by setting right norms.
Group Cohesiveness: Group Cohesiveness, the extent of how a group is especially attractive to its members, plays a crucial role in an organization as well. As for P&C Canada, a new objective in 2013 is to improve productivity and the customer experience. In this regard, a number of initiatives are underway such as eStatements, mobile banking enhancements and online booking of appointments. To attain the goal, P&C Canada team members need to fully understand and accepts the new initiatives. So with high level of cohesiveness, as team members become integrated into the team’s objective and values, which will help P&C Canada to be

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