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COMPANY ANALYSIS: BMW Prepared for: Fred Douglas Prepared by: Julian Gallego November 7th, 2016 A. COMPANY BACKGROUND History BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is a German based automobile manufacturing company. It was founded by Franz Josef Popp in 1916. BMW’s headquarters is in Munich, Bavaria, Germany (SECOND CITE). With 105,876 employees as of 2012, BMW is one of most admired, respected and trusted automobile manufacturers. BMW traces its roots back to Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. In the year 1916, Gustav Ottos company merged into Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG (BFW). In 1917 Rapp Motorenwerke company became Bayerische Motorenwerke GmbH, which was converted into a Limited Public Company in 1918. BMW AG then transferred its engine operations- including brand names- to BFW by 1922. BFW was founded on March 7 1916. Therefore BFW’s founding has gone down as BMW’s founding date. The BMW logo represents the Bavarian state colours. At first BMW started out as a engine manufacturer but by 1928 it became an automobile manufacturer. ( FIRST CITE) Size and Growth BMW currently owns Rolls Royce and MINI. ( third CITE) BMW has grown a lot since its beginning it started off as a company that made engines and manufactured motorcycles. By 1923, BMW’s first motorcycle — the R 32 — was announced, but it was only some years later, around 1928, that the company became an automotive manufacturer. In the 1930s, BMW was moving towards

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