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BMW’S Dream Factory & Culture Kevin D. Lowther Dr. Derek Povah BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior April 27, 2010 1. Describe the culture of BMW. Organizational culture is an idea in the field of Organizational studies. A culture is derived through the individual experiences, attitudes, shared values or common perceptions that are held by each member of an organization. Organizational culture affects such outcomes as productivity, performance, commitment, self confidence, and ethical behavior. Within the auto industry, Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW recently chose to create a paradigm shift from a divisional style of leadership to an organic business. A value system has evolved within the…show more content…
The company offers the best salaries to the employees along with health benefits that make sure of employees motivation being always high at the work. The culture at BMW allows employees to feel they are valued and that their ideas are appreciated. 4. Discuss the attributes of organizational creativity that are fostered at BMW. BMW’s organizational creativity produced a business model focused on excellence and vision. Establishing an enterprising work culture includes various factors to be considered, with BMW focusing on expecting their employees to think in entrepreneurial terms, self managed, and inventive ways which benefit all involved. The company demanded that this type of creativity in an organization could foster a working side by side approach that produced a rebranding of mindset in the quality of open door communication in its corporate culture. Until the new system was implemented, employees were paid whether they worked or not, but using the new organic culture, employees earned vacation time for working longer hours. The pay off of this system produced workers who had tendencies of being more consistent in their learned behavior because of this reward system. (Hellriegel, D., & Slocum, J. W., Jr. 2010). 5. Discuss how the culture and work environment impact the performance results of BMW. BMW’s

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