Bmw Efficient Dynamics Pr-Campaign Analysis

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BMW-campaign for introducing Efficient Dynamics in Hungary, 2009
Executive Summary
The campaign introduced the new Efficient Dynamics technology of BMW by creating the team “BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics” and participating on long-term races to make customers know and understand the real advantage of the technology: that low fuel consumption and emissions combined with out-standing performance leads in success by competing even vs. sport cars positioned on a much higher level. The campaign covered two long-term races in 2009, one at Nürburgring and one at Hungaroring. (Thanks to their successes, the BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics got the chance to continue racing in 2010 as well, though, it was NOT the part of the
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35 journalists and several TV stations were taking part • Press material about the Team, car, BMW Efficient Dynamics, races etc. • Press releases about the preparation • Interviews organized: 9 interviews made with the team members and BMW Group Hungary representatives During the race weekend • Press releases and photos sent out • Radio interviews from Nürburgring • Live blogs from the track to Hungary After the race • Further press releases and photos sent out with the results • Radio interviews • interview with Dr. Ferenc Anisits, former head of BMW DEZ, Steyr • All articles about the race focused on BMW Team Hungary with ED • No news about Audi teams finishing 2nd overall (Defeat Audi!) • No negative comments about BMW Sauber F1 Team racing at Monaco parallel to the Nürburgring 24h race (RTL Klub media sponsor of BMW Team Hungary and also airing F1)
• Successful press conference before the race at Hungaroring • BMW Race Center at the Hungaroring during the practice run and the race • Approx. 150 invited person registered on Friday and Saturday (more than 50 key journalists) • After the practice and the race further articles appeared based on press releases and photos sent out. • All articles about the race focused on BMW Team Hungary •

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