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Marketing perspectives for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
(Bavarian Motor Works)


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Holistic marketing
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BMW’s purpose is to become automobile industry leader. BMW’s strategy is built on their “Strategy Number ONE”, standing for 'New Opportunities ' and 'New Efficiency ', which means capturing the best opportunities and becoming more efficient in order to ensure BMW leading position and achieve long term sustainable growth (BMW, 2011). BMW core values are quality, technology, performance and exclusivity. Therefore, research and development are their most important aspects to offer customers recognizable added value. BMW has spending a far greater percentage of profits on R&D than its competitors (Franzen, 2004). [pic] To achieve all these values, one of BMW’s key strategic corporative standard and behaviors is to builds up and maintains high skill expertise. For example, the launch of E Change LIFE project, in which managers design and organize workshops for all employees engaged in development and change process. The policies and behaviors of the management are focused on long term planning, and encouraged new, positive approaches to marketing. BMW also strives for ecological and social sustainability along the entire value-added chain (BMW, 2011). These keys values are embedded in the heart of every employee in BMW. In BMW, employees respect each other and have high self esteem with strong team spirit. That’s why BMW has become the first of the most attractive employers in Germany according to a research conducted by

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