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MEMORANDUM TO: HARALD KRUGER, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT KLAUS FROHLICH, HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT FROM: TOM OSAER SUBJECT: BMW ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT DATE: APRIL 9, 2016 Challenges The current challenges that have been identified are intense competition & speed and responsiveness. BMW is one the world leaders in luxury vehicles and world’s leading premium car brand. BMW has many fierce competitors which include: Lexus, Acura, Audi and Daimler Chrysler 's Mercedes Benz is the biggest competitor of BMW. With all of these competitors along with many others in the vehicle market it would be advantageous to get a head of the competition in producing an autonomous or self-driving vehicle, but that is not the case. Mercedes, Porsche, and GM have jumped out to a head start have begun funding research for a new autonomous self-driving vehicle. Along, with these known competitors Google and Apple could also appear to jump in and compete in this market as well. Therefore, speed and responsiveness will play a major part in this development of a new vehicle line. With all of these other companies already starting their research for an autonomous vehicle, BMW would be wise to start this as research as well, so to not fall too far behind the competition taking a proactive approach. Finally, BMW should also be worried about the Green Movement. The automotive industry has put a stress on environmental friendly vehicles, with the expansion of electric vehicles. Contingency

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