Bmw (Project Proposal on Bmw)

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PROJECT PROPOSAL Strategies and Tactics Employed by BMW in Pricing, Production and Resource Utilization using Micro And Macroeconomic Theory MBA Full time Sept. Intake 2012 Course Module Managerial Economics Course Co ordinator Ceyhun Elci Submitted by…show more content…
It producing 1,481,253 automobiles and 112,271 motorcycles across all over the world. BMW is one of the leading manufacturers of premium cars in the automotive industry, in June 2012 BMW was listed as the #1 most reputable company in the world by 2. Objectives ------------------------------------------------- 2.1 To assess the macroeconomic conditions and the opportunities and threats suggested by these conditions for the BMW. * BMW is a worldwide company so more than one economy effecting its nature and decision making system. * Macroeconomic condition is very important for a company specially worldwide companies, it will help them to survive in market with new innovation and techniqual development. The environment is also classified by inflation, economic growth, interest rates and price change. * BMW having no big impact of recession. In recession demand of cars declines, in this period of time the strength of individual brand and product portfolio help reduce negative economy effect. In 2004 the revenue is 6.8 percent higher than 2003, revenues in Euro terms get higher as compare to other years. * BMW having threat like all companies do. They threatened by Daimlerchrysler AG(DAI), Audi (Volksvegan), Lexus(Toyota),
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