Bmw Z3 Pre-Launch Strategy

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BMW Z3 Launch HBS Case Study
Date: 18th August 2009 Question 1 Define what you see as the 2 main risks and 2 main benefits of non traditional marketing. Use the BMW case to support your assertions. A paragraph explaining each point will be sufficient. Answer 1 The Z3 case shows how communications strategy and tactics have evolved beyond traditional TV and print advertising. *Two key* Risks of Non-Traditional Marketing are highlighted below: *Systems not in place to measure the effective*ness* or success*. Examples from the case highlighting this risk are: Apart from the fact that the return of investment is not guaranteed, there is no real way of measuring the effectiveness of a particular
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The story unfolds along with the pages of a virtual book while offering ring tones, screensavers, love games and free samples. Australia was the most successful Britney fragrance launch worldwide on a per capita basis. Based on the ‘Lover of Life’ psychographic segmentation done by BMW, the concentration on non-traditional marketing helped create a huge demand at unusually low prices and gave BMW a competitive advantage over rival firms in the same market while also succeeding in building an emotional relationship with the consumers.

Question 3
Put yourself in the shoes of Jim McDowell, the VP for Marketing at BMW. We are in January 1996. You have created the excitement around the new BMW. The dealers have the names of 9,000 prospective customers. The important question you have to answer is: How will you use marketing communication tools to translate this excitement into sales? Briefly define the core points of your communication strategy (in bullet points) for phase II and explain in 2 to 3 paragraphs the rationale behind your strategy. What communication vehicles will you use and why? Answer 3 After the success of the Z3 Prelaunch, BMW had to sustain the ‘Buzz’ it had generated in America and to convert this excitement into actual sales. Since the Z3 is considered an emotional purchase and competes in an intensely

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