Boaters Inc. Vs. City Government: Case Study

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In the case of Boaters Inc. vs. City Government, it is important to note that both parties have an obligation to conduct research ethically and in a manner that it ensures the safety and well-being of all parties involved. In simpler terms, authors Donald Cooper and Pamela Schindler encourage “responsible research” which requires researchers to identify the potential ethical dilemmas to mitigate any future roadblocks that could potentially jeopardize the planning and developmental phases of research. In addition, the authors also state that to accomplish ethical research a level of personal integrity must be applied from the personnel conducting the research (Cooper, Schindler, 2014). These ethical practices are also designed to aid in…show more content…
In the defense of the city commissioners of Miro Beach, the commissioners do have an obligation of being good stewards of money. This factor may have facilitated the decision to accomplish research internally. Regardless, this does not negate the fact that the city staff did not have the credentials to accomplish proper research and, therefore, the most prudent decision the city could have made would have been to conduct ethical research via qualified personnel who would adhere to guidelines to preserve the integrity of the city commissioner staff as well as protect Boater Inc. Clearly the city commissioner staff could have mitigated the excessive spending and law suit had the staff considered the benefits of the participants and secured informed consent form the participants. It is important to note that each party is entitled to quality research which begins with an ethical approach that follows analytical parameters to avoid drawing false
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