Bob Dylan ' Maggie 's Farm

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AHMAD ELMAKDAH PROF. ANDERSON ENGL 1302-70476 12 OCT 2015 Bob Dylan - "Maggie 's Farm" I picked this melody in view it may be an excellent dylan song; it reflects as much wonderful style what 's more entryway he needed to make music, compose songs, What 's more analyze Since its the thing that he needed should do, What 's more assuming that it upset people, after that thereabouts a chance to be it. I trust that the intending from claiming this tune is that dylan might have been An specialist for as much fans, the record company, those press, and the networking Be that not to himself, What 's more that he might have been setting off with split away starting with being pigeonholed under particular case kind from claiming music Also would…show more content…
I think that "Maggie 's brother" spoken to the record organization he worked for or promoters/executives. They were the ones who paid him and in the tune he says "he hands you An nickel he hands you a dime he asks you with An grin On you 're havin ' a great time". I believe this also implies that those record company and executives didn 't care if he was having a good or not as long as he was doing his job. Dylan likewise said that "he fines you every time you slam the door " which means everytime he does something that hes not supposed to do , he gets in a fight or trouble with the company. I think that "Maggie 's pa" speaks to the press and reporters that dylan needed to place to put up with. He said "he puts his cigar out in our faces just for kicks ", and dylan might have been known for frequently all the being tormenter Toward those press. Perhaps he felt that they didn 't care about him as they were getting the thing that they needed to their entertainment. I believe that "Maggie 's ma" speaks to the networking as a rule. He said that "she talks to all the servants about man and God and law " which Might reflect that the networking is sort of preachy to Everybody. He Additionally says that "she 's sixty-eight, Anyhow she says she 's twenty-four" which means people believe everythung they see on the tv. He also said "she 's the brains behind pa", and the press, reporters, and media all sort fit

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