Bob Dylan 's Poem A Hard Rain 's A Gon Na Fall

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Songs can be considered the melody of life because artists use songs to express their thoughts and capture the moment in time. For over 50 years, American rock and roll artist, Bob Dylan influences his generation through the use of his “protest songs” (Rollingstone). Dylan’s personalized and allusive songs revolutionized the music industry by allowing music to be an analytical literature in which people can debate about. Although Bob Dylan wrote A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall in the summer of 1962, Dylan’s song conveys the predicaments of the society in the past and the present (Wikipedia). Issues related to faith, violence, exploitation and injustice of human are portrayed through the lyrics, allusions and the other musical elements of A…show more content…
“Hard rain” can be interpreted as the nuclear atomic rain that is harmful to both the humans and the environment or it can be the storm of rain. This line that is repeated throughout demonstrates how humans cannot control the rain. In addition, hyperboles such as “roar of a wave that could drown the whole world” (Dylan) shows how water are crucial to the human’s survival, but also a danger to the human’s survival because this wave can refer to the deadly tsunami. The personification of the “ seven sad forests” (Dylan) on seven continents also allows the listeners to sympathize with the singer and understand the effects of human activities that are destroying the nature. Furthermore, Dylan uses natural elements such as thunder that is the warning to rain as a warning to the unfortunate and miserable future of the world that will be filled with death and violence (Genius). Dylan’s incorporation of god and nature with death also relates to the later part of his life where he experienced his idol, Woody Guthrie, and himself in near-death situations. (Rollingstone) Violence is another issue that is still going on today and is mentioned in A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall. Dylan wrote the song during the Vietnam war and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thus, this song can be interpreted as a response to the Vietnam war and the Cuban Missile Crisis or about war in general. The allusion to war and death

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