Bob Graham And The President Of Florida

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Bob Graham has an accomplished career in public service in the Florida and United States Congress. Rising through the public-school system in Dade County, Florida, Graham graduated in the 1950s and then attended the University of Florida and Harvard Law School. Four years after being admitted to the Florida Bar, he ran a successful campaign for the Florida State House of Representatives and served there until he ran for the Florida State Senate in 1970, where he worked for eight years. Building on his success in the state congress, Graham took on more ambitious roles and proved successful in each of those endeavors. From 1979-1986, he served as the governor of Florida, and from 1986-2004, he represented the state of Florida
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At the end of each chapter, Graham personalizes the skill by offering the reader an opportunity to apply the skill to his or her own policy issue. For example, at the end of chapter two, the reader would identify the level of government responsible for handling the issue. Graham arranges the chapters in a way that each chapter builds on the ones preceding it. Knowing the problem, which is the topic of chapter one, is pertinent to identifying which level of government takes responsibility for the issue chosen.
Analysis and Evaluation
Graham organizes the skills needed for active citizenry participation in order of importance, which also manifests itself in somewhat scientific process. The first three chapters focus on identifying the problem and traversing logistical requirements that pertain to the policy issue while the remaining chapters hone in on building relationships with people and navigating through the intricate webs of the media, organizations, and competition.
In chapter one, the author begins with the simplest of ideas: identify the problem at hand.
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