Bob Lyons Case

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BOB LYONS (A) Those who knew Bob Lyons thought extremely well of him. He was a highly successful executive who held an important position in a large company. As his superiors saw him, he was aggressive, with a knack for getting things done through other people. He worked hard and set a vigorous pace. He drove himself relentlessly. In less than ten years with his company, he had moved through several positions of responsibility. Lyons had always been a good athlete. He was proud of his skill in swimming, hunting, golf, and tennis. In his college days he had lettered in football and baseball. On weekends he preferred to undertake rebuilding and repairing projects around the house, or to hunt, interspersing other sports for a…show more content…
Both were now alarmed. ASSIGNMENTS: 1. What kind of person is Bob Lyons? What are his needs and wants? 2. How do you explain what is happening to Bob Lyons? 3. To what extent does his job satisfy his needs? What is the role of work in his total life? 4. As his boss, what would you do now? BOB LYONS (B) The vice president and Lyons’ wife decided that they should get Lyons into a hospital rather than wait for the doctor’s appointment which was still a week off. The next day Lyons was taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, with Mrs. Lyons’ permission, the vice president reported to the family doctor Lyons’ recent job behavior and the nature of their conversations. When the vice president had finished, the doctor concluded, “All he needs is a good rest. We don’t want to tell him that it may be mental or nervous.” The vice president replied that he didn’t know what the cause was, but he knew Lyons needed help quickly. During five days in the hospital, Lyons was subjected to extensive laboratory tests. The vice president visited him daily. Lyons seemed to welcome the rest and sedation at night. He said he was eating and sleeping much better. He talked about company problems, though he did not speak spontaneously without encouragement. While Lyons was out of the room, another executive who shared his hospital room confided to the vice president that he was
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