Bob Marley : A Great Talent

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Bob Marley is rural singer famous in the world، Born in the village St. Anne North Jamaica. It was the father of Bob Marley is Captain Norval Marley, an officer in the British Navy and He married a beautiful black Jamaican girl called Cedella Booker at the age of nineteen years . marriage his father from his mother Jamaican led to his dismissal from the army .Upon the death of his father in 1955 was Bob Marley At the age of ten . Bob Marley has a great talent, he writes his own words and be composed and sung with Aloylers band. And the secret of its his success around the world in the simplicity of his words and the importance of the message published by: rebellion against injustice, justice, freedom, and peace, and the fight against…show more content…
After eight months in America, he returned to Jamaica in October 1966, and he reconstituted the teams Aloylers.

In 1962, Bob Marley progress to test listen with the product Leslie Kong, who impressed by his ability , the quality of Bob 's vocals, and produced his first song, "Do not judge which got moderate success,It was Marley 's first record. and followed by two songs did not succeed. Bob decided that the only way to achieve his ambition is the band formation. Band (Aloylers) with five of his friends. In 1963, approved product Clement Dodd, after listening experience, to produce recordings of Oalers. Thus came the song "Simmer Down" Which topped the sales in Jamaica as they are released. In the next few years, Aloylers issued more than thirty song. It was Bob has a great talent he writes his own words and be composed and sung with Aloylers. Despite the domestic success the good achieved by Aloylers, but she could not continue was the physical income of recordings at the time, trivial, he put artists at the time was not excellent, but that three of its members were forced to migrate to America in search of better opportunities to earn a living. In 1967 Bob 's music reflected in new beliefs. in their place was growing commitment to spiritual and social issues.
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