Bob Marley Biography

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Bob Marley is without a doubt the greatest musician a third world country ever produced. Through Rastafarian ideas, he influenced many others with songs that touched the lives of millions with his constant message of unity. His wisdom through experience helped him achieve a grand distinction over other artists. Marley was a great ambassador to the world preaching unity and justice for all. He wanted everyone to get along without violence. Not many people can measure the importance of Bob Marley to his people of Jamaica. He gave them an identity and a way to express. Bob Marley was a great man who was not only idolized by his country but by others who wanted to achieve freedom as well. His goal was to create peace with his talent of…show more content…
Blackwell went for it instantly for he had heard of The Wailers and gave them eight thousand pounds so they could get back home and record their album for Island Records. This was the first time a reggae band had ever had access to premium recording facility. They worked hard knowing this was their big chance and released the album “Catch Fire”, which did extremely well and was one of the first reggae albums as of before it was sold on singles or compilation albums. In the spring of 1973 the Wailers returned to London to start their first three month tour of Britain. When they returned to Jamaica, Bunny decided to quit touring and was replaced by Joe Higgs. The Wailers then traveled to the US where they were to open 17 shows for a black act. They were fired after 4 because the people came to see the Wailers and not the act. The crowds would often chant “Wailers” throughout. They once again found themselves without any money and method home, but this time in Las Vegas. They eventually stumbled into San Francisco and while there they did a live concert broadcast for a very popular radio station. This further boosted their popularity in North America. To close 1973 the Wailers released their 2nd album “Burnin”. This album contained many of the Wailers classics such as “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Get Up, Stand Up”. The Wailers popularity skyrocketed when Eric Clapton covered “I Shot the Sheriff”, which became

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