Bob Marley Main Ideas

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Main Idea: Bob Marley
I was the man who introduced Reggae music to the world. I am Bob Marley or the “King of Reggae,” famous for my song “Stir it up” on the album Babylon By Bus and my song “No Woman No Cry” on the album Live! It all started when I came into the world on February 6, 1945 in Nine Mile, Jamaica. My mother was a teenager when she had me. My father, being a 60 year old Veteran, died when I was only 10. Religion was a big part of my life but music was what my heart was set on to do throughout my life.
Rastafarians, which are the group of people relating to a religious movement of Jamaica, worshiped a king with the name of Haile Selassie. You can call me a Rastafarian but I find it more respectful to call me a Rastafari. We have
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