Bob Marley 's Redemption Song

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One of the most inspirational musicians of all time, even after his death, is Bob Marley. Anyone who knows Bob Marley’s music knows one of his most famous pieces, Redemption Song. Personally, I have grown up listening to him, specifically this song, because my mother is one of the biggest Bob Marley fans known to man. Our ancestry, being Jamaican, is what led to the formation of my topic. My decision was to research the connection between race, family and financial background in people who were familiar with Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. While I had no assumptions about family or financial background, I assumed that most people who were familiar with this song were native West Indian, or people of West Indian descent. I interviewed two…show more content…
The opening melody brought me back to my childhood, for a split second. I reminisced to Saturday mornings waking up to the smell of bacon, bleach and the sounds of Mr. Marley. Due to my mother’s obsession with him, I only ever heard Mr. Marley sing it. I was worried that hearing another sing it, with a different voice, vibrato, harmony, or really anything else, would cause me to squinch my face up. But it most certainly did not. In fact, hearing a new version of the song was actually refreshing to my ears. The performance was slow and soothing, matching the aura of the lounge. Samuel sang while his brother played the guitar happily. Although Samuel’s voice may have fooled my heart, my mind told me is was completely unoriginal. Samuel sang the song just as Mr. Marley did, as if he studied Mr. Marley’s own performance to mimic it perfectly. I was caught between approval and disappointment. When the song was done, everyone snapped their fingers as Samuel walked towards me. When he sat down I noticed how different his attire was from the other men, who wore ties and shoes. Samuel dressed in bright, baggy and multi-colored clothes, mainly just green, black and yellow (native Jamaican colors). His dreads were tied back in a bun and I didn’t even get a chance to look at his shoes. We chatted for a few minutes, being that he has known me for years, just to catch up. Within some time, we got down to business and I asked the first question:
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