Bobbi's Story

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On a beautiful mountain where lived a family of pigs and in that family there was a little piglet name Omelet, an older brother named Lippy, a beautiful mother name Sally, and a wonderful father named Bobbi.
One day Zeus got very angry and started a huge storm. The wind blew very hard, the rain started to get very loud, and then there was a huge mudslide coming down the mountain but not one little pig knew about this disaster not even Zeus.
“Watch out everyone!” Bobbi shouted.
As Bobby was shouting he got swept away with the mudslide and they never got to say their thoughtful goodbyes to Bobbi. After Zeus heard about Bobbi he promised to never acted up like this again, but Zeus never kept his promise to their family.
A year pass since Bobbi died and Zeus got very
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“Hello, what brings you to my home,” he replied.
“I wanted to talk to u about the damage you have been started at my family and my home.
“I’m very sorry, but I have been very emotional and I liked to take my anger on someone else and I’m very sorry about Bobbi,” he told her in a worried voice.
“You should not take your anger on other people, you should go talk about it to someone or keep it to yourself because our family has no home, ho food, and no father!” She tolde him in a toned voice.
“Yes I am very sorry about hurting your family and but I have no friends and I have no one to talk to but i know that is not an excuse for making all those disasters,” he replied in a embarrassed voice.
“I will love to be your friend if you would stop making all those horrible things to the world, and even though I know you actually did not mean to make all those disaster,” she said in a loveable voice.
The little piggie named Omelet was a scared little pig but became the world’s greatest superhero. Now everyday she helps people out with the randomest stuff but she knows that she is making the world a better place and that she has a great friend even though that it is a human not a
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