Bobby Dupea Character Analysis

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How did you react to the character of Bobby Dupea (played by Jack Nicholson)? I believe there was some resonance with me and my life experiences. I didn’t accept, glorified nor denied the character. Bobby Duprea character does not evolve nor achieve any peak moment in the story. Like dropped from the sky, all that happen to him did happened “before” the movie, and the director intentionally does not provide any clue to the viewer. We just observe the consequences. His story is used to portrait an entire generation. Bobbie's character portrait the spirit of the post-counterculture era. Do the director and screenwriter do a good job of representing the character of Bobby? I believe the director and screenwriter did brilliant job of…show more content…
My life, I mean... Most of it doesn't add up to much that I could relate as a way of life that you'd approve of... I'd like to be able to tell you why, but I don't really... I mean, I move around a lot because things tend to get bad when I stay. And I'm looking... for auspicious beginnings, I guess...” Bobby Is a young confused man, caught in between the two social classes, the one that he come from and the one that he places himself in, both truly immobilizing him, who try hard to find his way out of the whole “system”, that radical changing society and internal and external conflicts during the 70’s. His problems are presentation of the whole generation of Americans who revolt against the established generation. What were his issues? I believe the director and writer portrait Bobby character in an exceptional way, by using him as allegory of the issues that were shaking the youth in 70’s in America, his issues are the same as the issues of whole generation of alienated Americans facing challenges of society, jobs, family, fears and love. Did you sympathize with him, or did you find him self-indulgent? Did he make you angry? Or did you pity him? No, Bobby character does not make me angry, I do not pity him, nor find him self-indulgent. I may sympathize a bit with him. I see Booby character not as on individual of traditional

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