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With modern medicine moving along at a high velocity it seems like many of the tried and true methods of the past are being overlooked and passed by. The newest drug or the cutting edge laser therapy have replaced methods that were in practice since the beginning of time. Now the newest drugs will save many lives and the cutting edge laser therapy will raise the standard of living for many but there is just no substitute for some of the old ways. Hypnosis is a way for the mind and the body to get in sync and for a person to get deep inside of their subconscious to get to the root of the problem. It has come under fire because of a select few but has some real benefits to it. It is a technique that has been used to help people for many…show more content…
There are also courses you can take that will help you treat specific conditions that hypnotherapists are sought after to treat. Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years in either a healing or religious capacity. The earliest record is from 1500 B.C. and was found on a papyrus in a Egyptian tomb. In the 18th century a man named Frank Mezmer started using hypnosis to help people but he claimed it was a special power he had. He was quickly discredited, and it wasn't until 1840 that hypnosis started to get a positive light shown on it. Doctors began to use hypnosis as anesthesia during surgeries and psychologists began using it to help treat their patients mental health problems. Sigmund Freud even used hypnosis for a while until he got frustrated that not all of his patients could be hypnotized. Today hypnosis is used all over the world and in many different capacities. People use it to lose weight, to quit smoking, to heal faster, to get over trauma, and still to this day it is used as anesthesia. It has shown great success and great promise but it is still not widely used and accepted by the medical community even with all the proof out there. Hypnotherapy has been successful in helping people break old habits and in helping people to make and stick to life changing decisions. It has been used for years in helping people quit smoking. "In a recent stop smoking study, where smokers attended individual

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