Bobby Jindal's 2012 Presidential Election

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Bobby Jindal Ends his 2016 Presidential Run

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal abruptly ended his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination declaring, “This is not my time."

In an exclusive interview on FOX News 'Special Report’ with Bret Baier, Jindal announced his decision to suspend his campaign alluding to his parents’ emigration to America from India. "[My parents] told me as a young child Americans can do anything…but this is not my time and I have come to realization that this is not my time, so I have come here to announce that I am suspending my campaign for president of the United States.”

It’s been an incredible honor to run for President of this great country. Thank you:—
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Governor Scott Walker and former Governor Rick Perry previously withdrew from the Republican race due to low national polls. The GOP field consisted of 17 candidates ranging from former and current governors and senators, a neurosurgeon, real estate reality star and former CEO. With Jindal exit, 14 still remains with less than 75 days to the Iowa caucus.

The governor is currently finishing his second term where Jindal is term-limited this year and will be out of office in January. His future plans he announce is to work with a think tank he started a few years called, called ‘American Next.’ His think tank Jindal set up a few years ago was designed as a conservative policy focused on “winning a war of ideas.” (

Following Jindal exit announcement, several of his rivals tweeted support of the governor. Jindal said he wasn’t ready to endorse another candidate but stated he will support the eventual Republican presidential nominee. “At the end of the day, I trust the American voters to select our next nominee,” Jindal said. “I want someone who’s got the smarts to make big
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