Bob's Burgers Analysis

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Bob’s Burgers is aired right after Family Guy and Adult Swim. Both shows: Family Guy and Adult Swim are primarily watched by 60% males. When it comes to Bob’s Burgers, 50% of its audience are male. Generally, the males watching Bob’s Burgers would find Tina to be an uncomfortable character to them who is dorky and creepily sexual. With males finding Tina already weird, it doesn’t help with all the other viewers especially with pre-teen girls and how they feel. With the certain type of viewership, it makes teenage girls and pre-teen girls seem “creepy” and “uncanny”. Tina’s fantasies are odd that it effects the idea that every single woman should feel ashamed of their sexual desires when it shouldn’t. It’s not odd when teenage boys and pre-teen guys fantasize but it is when females do it. With the way, how men and the world feel, it puts a toll on girls when they are encouraged to think that their desires are uncomfortable. The problem isn’t with how Tina’s role was written, it’s the way the audience views her. The audience are so used…show more content…
Watching the show, you can see that Tina threatens the male gaze (is the act of depicting women and the world in literature and visual arts from a masculine/heterosexual point of view). Tina is very sexualized but never sexualizes herself. Laura Mulvey stated “In a world ordered by sexual imbalance, pleasure in looking has been split between active male and passive female.” (Mulvey 4). Tina is a contrary to both pleasures. In the episode “Bad Tina”, we see directly how Tina’s sexual fantasies play out. Her fantasies were her erotic friend fiction was brought to life. Another one was when Tina ordered Jimmy Jr. to mop off a spill with his pants. Another sexual fantasy of Tina’s is when she dreamed of being a hero who changed the world by touching Jimmy Jr.’s
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