Bocou Sexual Identity

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Some of the female artists profiled in this unit are all united in their quest of projecting a unanimous theme of reclamation of the female sexuality and identity. They conveyed the impression that female sexual objectification was no longer for male or societal consumption but for a purpose for women to feel empowered. They also had an immerse understanding of genderism and the power it has; especially under societal pressures. Thus, female artists came to understand the ideology of individualism and therefore pursued the art of liberation and identity that no longer tolerated under the scope of muscularity.
The female artists in this unit such as Louise Bourgeois, attempted to subtly question sexual identity and genderism in a pre-feminist-era.
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With this notion in mind, female artists such as Sylvia Sleigh who utilizes reversal of gender roles to explore traditional expectations that came with genders. As a sign for power, some female artists drew phallus images as bombs, helmets and screws.
Artist Lee Bontecou can be viewed as a prime example of taking back female sexuality with her infamous painting that stemmed from vagina dentata. She used this piece of her work to suppress objectification by males that is rooted in the ideology of fantasizing sex and dominance associated with the female body. Her infamous art piece Untitled came about as her rage evolved into her work that provoked her audience; which was rare at the time for women to express anger through
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Female artists were beginning to explore their sexuality in an assertive and unashamed manner such like Suzanne Valadon depicted in her Adam and Eve painting. With the promising faith of the early 20th century expressionism and avant-garde, female artists relied on these styles to bask in the glory of voicing out their displeased rhetoric concerning war and the social events that were happening around them. Female artists like Kathe Kollwitz is famously acknowledged for using her work to speak on the destruction that came of the World War through her own experience. In Kollwitz’s statue lamentation: In memory of Ernst Barlac, she portrayed an image of mothers grieving for their dead children. The mid-20th century female artists also brought forth sculptures that toke an innovative approach to their subject matter and redirected their experimentation efforts to several different materials and impressive scales. Most famously known for this kind of sculpting is Magdalena Abakanowicz and later witnessed in Artist Lee Bontecou’s Untitled piece that was of great scale and constructed from various
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