Bodhisattvas Manjushra Analysis

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The Meeting of the Bodhisattvas Manjushri (Wenshu) and Samantabhadra is a sculpture that is carved in limestone. It was made in China and was inscribed with a thirty four character dedication. It is dated to have been made in 742 and is a middle Tang Dynasty Sculpture.
Manjushri and Samantabhadra are two of the most commonly encountered bodhisattvas in East Asia. A bodhisattvas is an enlightened being who vows to help all other sentient beings attain enlightenment.
Manjushri is a Bodhisattva of Wisdom and can be identified by his lion mount. When Manjushri is mounted on a lion or sitting on a lion's skin it represents the use of wisdom to tame the mind. He is one of the Four Great Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism. Manjushri's name in
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