Body. Alcohol Is Surprisingly The Largest Consumed Drug

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Body Alcohol is surprisingly the largest consumed drug when it comes to the United States, and with that comes a higher addiction rate than those drugs deemed illegal such as heroin or even marijuana still (Thio, Taylor, & Schwartz, 2013). Due to this epidemic that is rarely discussed in the same categorization of illegal substances, there is a bit of a justification seen that alcohol use is not as severe. Yet data shows that is not the case, because alcohol abuse leads in terms of arrests and related deaths (Schmalleger, 2013). In 2008, the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” estimated that alcohol caused 11,773 traffic fatalities in one year alone (Schmalleger, 2013). Alcohol also leads to 1.4 million…show more content…
The “National Survey on Drug Use and Health” or (NSDUH), is an annual publication funded by the “Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration” or (SAMHSA) provides further data (Schmalleger, 2013). The (NSDUH) found that there are an estimated 22.6 million Americans who are current users aged twelve and older (Schmalleger, 2013). Of those 22.6 million Americans, 17.5 million of them were estimated to be using marijuana, and data shows the rates for those most likely to consume drugs to be between the ages of sixteen to twenty-five in 2010 (Schmalleger, 2013). Another statistic, this time from the class text found that “nine percent of the U.S population age 12 or older use illicit drugs every year, half of them at least once a month.” (Thio et al., 2013). The class text also corroborates this data, citing that of young adults those aged eighteen to twenty-five have the highest rates, for teenagers the rates highest for use are twelve to seventeen (Thio et al., 2013). One study found that employment status is highly correlated with rates of illicit drug use as well. One figure showed that an estimated seventeen percent and a half percent of those unemployed were current illicit drug users (Schmalleger, 2013). Worrying figures due to the gravity of the situation making itself clear, while there is tapering off after twenty years of age when it comes to illicit drug use. The concept of drug usage surrounding teenagers and
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