Body Blows Are Parr

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In the article titled, “Body blows are par for course, but racist boos hit soul deep” written by Robert Murphy, Murphy contends AFL fans and opposition supporters should stop booing Adam Goodes and yelling out racist remarks from the stands. Murphy aims this article at those against Adam Goodes and those who are involved or might be tempted to join in the racial vilification. Firstly, Murphy argues that while football players train for physical injuries, nobody can prepare to receive that kind of emotional abuse. Secondly, he believes that when it comes to the game itself, Adam Goodes is one of the best players of his generation and a hero. Lastly, he compares and points out the similarities between Muhammad Ali and Adam Goodes, how they both were respected by their fellow athletes and how they are both fighters. Firstly, Murphy argues that most football players get used to the physical elements of football, but struggle to get used to the mental elements. Murphy employs imagery in the phrase ‘take a hit’ to describe how footballers prepare for a game. He points…show more content…
Using the analogy “take a punch on the chin”, Murphy draws attention to the similarities between Adam Goodes and Muhammad Ali, how they were both fighters and held much respect from their fellows and well as their opponents. To further demonstrate the comparison between the two, Murphy utilizes the alliteration “hardest hits” to emphasize the strength and resilience of both Adam Goodes and Muhammad Ali and their unwavering belief in their heritage and culture and how they would always stand up against the emotional hits they would receive. Through this, Murphy is able to point out the similarities between Adam Goodes and a universally acknowledged fighting legend such as Muhammad Ali and get readers part of the booing crowd to view him as a
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