Body Cameras On The United States

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An unarmed black man is killed by a cop, with no evidence about what happened a community is left with nothing but questions. (And With So Many Questions) Without knowing what happened the community forms it’s own beliefs then, riots the streets, robbing stores and torching everything in their paths. A city once filled with serenity is know a war zone that requires riot shields and tanks for survival. Little did they know at the time on small thing could have prevented the whole conflict. Had the officer been equipped with a body camera both the police and citizens would have had an accurate view of what went on. Had this happened the world would have realized the officers innocence, and chaos could have been eliminated before it was ever…show more content…
(Weisburg) As a result, studies have shown, that citizens have developed comfort towards officers equipped with body cameras. (Fullerton Police Department) This new found trust has the ability to change the mindset of a community in a positive manner. (Mims) This alone could help revive a community such as Ferguson, that has been in shambles ever since Michael Brown was killed. Officer Drumond a highly respected officer at Sherwood said “I support body cameras and find it very comforting that everything I do is on camera”. (Weisburg) If body cameras can give officers a sense of comfort it can help improve their work ethic as well as keep them relaxed while on shift. This can lead to trust between officers and the community. Ultimately, body cameras have the ability to restore trust in a community as well as keep both citizens and officers acting within the law.
Additionally, Body cameras have the ability to shift the way in which officers and citizens act into a responsible manner. Results of studies conducted on body cameras show that when a body camera is on both citizens and officers typical act responsibly and abide by the law. (Scalise 65) In other words, body cameras make people conscious of what they are doing since they are being recorded. Knowing they are being recorded causes individuals to act responsibly. Psychologists have conducted studies that supply evidence that the average person behaves better when, they know they are being watched.
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