Body Cams : Policing For Greater Good

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Amber Lyles Professor Sullivan ENGL – 1301 November 20, 2014 Body Cams: Policing for the Greater Good In today’s society no one is safe from everyday peril. Situations arise daily that may present either a law enforcement official or just a civilian with a situation that could warrant the need for extra protection. In some cases it is a matter of he said she said. In just those instances it is important that there be some sort of documentation that provides corresponding evidence. Body cameras have been tested in a small group of police departments and have provided an overwhelming positive effect. Police officers wearing body cameras not only provide the officers with an extra peace of mind but give the civilians documentation to back up their sides of the story. In today’s technological age of dash cams, smart phones and tablets, it seems that most anyone can record interactions on the streets. Videos can be altered and make situations appear to be different than what they are. Take for example, an everyday citizen has recorded and altercation between an officer and a civilian. The video appears to show just the officer assaulting the civilian. Unbeknownst to the individual shooting the video, the officer was equipped with a body camera. The individual filming the altercation did not capture the whole scenario and only began filming at the moment the police officer was defending himself against an unprovoked attack. The civilian phone video

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