Body Composition Lab Report

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Introduction In the laboratory body composition measurements were taken in a practice setting. Body composition is just describing what the body is made up of. These measurements were taken from men and women, 21 to 25 years of age. Today many people have different health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Body composition matters when it comes to this, because being overweight and unhealthy makes a difference. Knowing where a person weight needs to be to stay and feel healthy is important. (However note just because a person looks a certain way does not always mean they are unhealthy or healthy) Therefore measurements must be as accurate as possible. The hypothesis is that humans are more likely to come upon errors more likely than a machine, especially if measurements are taken by different people. Methods…show more content…
BMI was measured by dividing the subject’s body mass by height squared. Body mass (weight) was measured on a scale in pounds then converted into kilograms. Height was measured with a stadiometer, in inches then converted into centimeters. (BMI= weight/height^2) Waist to hip ratio was measured using gulick tape measure. The tape went around the subject’s waist meeting the belly button and then wrapped around the hips (wrap the tape around once and end on the number zero). The waist number will be divided by the hip number (Waist/Hip). The seven site Skin Fold measured subcutaneous fat with a caliper. The seven site skin fold testing was more accurate than the three skin sites testing. The triceps, subscapular, chest, axilla, suprailium, abdomen, and thigh were the seven sites for the skin fold testing. These seven areas were measured in sets of three, each being measured by different
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