Body Dissatisfaction Of The Body

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and criticized things that you didn’t like about your appearance? Have you ever wanted to look like a model in a magazine? It is commendable if you are honestly able to answer no to both of these questions however, those that are able to answer no and who do not feel pressure to conform to a social idea, are a small percentage of the world’s population. The changes or thoughts that are instigated during processes such as these contribute to what is called body dissatisfaction. By definition body dissatisfaction is the negative assessment of the shape of your body and/or your weight (Fiske 357). Although body dissatisfaction can affect both males and females it is more prevalent in women and has become a global problem, especially in adolescents. There are many factors that can influence the level of body dissatisfaction that a person may experience. The country where you grow up or live plays a direct role in the level of body dissatisfaction you experience due to cultural influences, access to the media, and the impact of westernized beauty standards. This impacts not only on a person’s personal view of themselves but also on their ideal definition of beauty.
Culture is something that has control over many aspects of a person’s life. It can control what you eat, when you marry, and what is considered beautiful. Not all countries have the same perception of the perfect body. For example, South American countries tend to favor fuller,…
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