Body Fat Composition Analysis

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Percent Body Fat: Many individuals seem to be ready and willing for Body Composition Analysis (BCA) because of their understanding that having a healthier body means to have a leaner body. However, an individual is considered to be healthy only when he or she has identified the quantity of fat in the body and for it to take place. The process of identifying or determining the body fat percentage is known as Body Composition Analysis that is conducted through various methods. This process is mainly used across homes, professional practices, and gyms and involves the use of various methods including "¦. Underwater weighing or Hydrodensitometry Weighing is one of the methods in which the quantity of fat in the body is determined by the size of the body. The method helps in determining the body fat percentage through measuring the whole body density via determining body volume. Underwater weighing is carried out through a variety of equipments that in sophistication though the techniques require weighing an individual outside the tank before immersing them completely in water and weighing them again. Some of the most common equipments used for Hydrodensitometry Weighing include standard stainless steel tank with a chair or cot mounted on underwater scales and a chair or scale suspended from a diving board in a hot tub or swimming pool. In this method, a stainless steel tank is needed that is to be put underwater scales then a chair is left hanging from the scale. After
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