Body Image Analysis Glamour

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Thinness is an aesthetic trait that has been highly valued in American media. The next section of analysis focuses on how body size is displayed and interpreted in Glamour.

The common themes of skinny models in this edition of Glamour is typified in the image found in the AG advertisement. The model is extremely skinny, as her waistline is completely flat. Her neck is elongated, and her arms are toothpick thin. Her clothes appear to be slightly too big on her. Additionally, her thighs do not touch, and they do not even get bigger as they get closer to her hips. This unnatural body type sets unrealistic expectations for the readers. Most American women could not achieve that body type. Vulnerable populations, including teenagers, may go to drastic lengths to try and achieve a body type like that, for these types of images is what the media is saturated with. Additionally, the model in hunched over and in a vulnerable position. She
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The beautiful women looks stunning in her red jumpsuit, yet there are still issues that can be seen in the ad. The model is so skinny that you are actually able to see her rib cage sticking out of the side of her jumpsuit. I am surprised that Maybelline published an ad that portrayed such an unhealthy characteristic. Her protruding rib case sends an alarming message to the audience, and sets an unrealistic standard of beauty for American women. Additionally, I find it interesting that Maybelline chose to photograph a full body picture of a woman advertising lipstick. The focal point for what they are selling can hardly be seen on the model. I think they photographed her full body because the fashion industry stresses body type so significantly. High fashion is so closely related with skinny models, that it was only natural to picture her full body even when a picture of just her face may have been more
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