Body Image And Its Effects On Women

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It was once said by the common woman, “Zero percent of women haven’t struggled with body image issues.” Body image is how a person feels toward their bodies, and how they picture what other people see them as. Stereotypes started by the media cause normal women to sometimes feel insecure. This can case eating and mental disorders. These disorders can be dismissed by people that think the victim is just seeking attention, but these problems are real. The media, magazines, advertisements, and other social practices are negatively affecting women and how they view themselves. “Body image begins to form in grade school because that’s when children/people start comparing themselves to others,” said Dr. Gene Beresin, a child and adult psychiatrist and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical. Body image is how a person perceives themselves, including their imagination, emotional, and physical sensations (The Media and Body Image, 1). Teens that suffer from negative body image let the bad thoughts shatter their self-esteem, the sense of how valuable they are as people (Maynard, 1). The lowered self-esteem may lead to depression, eating disorders, or mental disorders. Bryan Karazsia, the associate professor of psychology at the College of Wooster, said, “Body dissatisfaction is not linked with health. It’s linked with a lot of negative things like eating disorders, unhealthy exercise habits, low self-esteem, and depression.” Women have historically dealt with their…

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