Body Image And Women

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Imagine a student who started attending a new high school his or her sophomore year because she was getting picked on too often. The student didn’t enjoy learning anymore and shut everyone out. He or she hated looking in the mirror because of how he or she looked. The student reflected back to elementary school when image didn’t matter. The student talks to his or her parents about getting a surgery done to stop the teasing. This student doesn’t want to get the same labels he or she had at their last high school, they want the last few years to be remembered as the best times of his or her life. All they have to do is convince their parents to get this one minor surgery and he or her life will be normal and enjoyable once again, but his or…show more content…
For men, factors such as Strong, muscular, and tan. All these ideas of body image derive from today’s social media. Currently, more cases of Anorexia and Bulimia have some up because men and women want to fit this image they see plastered everywhere they go. In the article, “A Challenge to the Fashion Industry's Body Image” by the Monitor's Editorial Board, the French lawmakers have changed some rules in the fashion industry. The banning of some laws are websites that promote ultra thinness as well as any model that is considered ultra thin will not be able to walk on the runway. It also talks about how magazines would say if the body’s of the models were altered in any way. The rules aren’t necessarily enforced yet, they are still discussing them ("A Challenge to the Fashion Industry's Body…show more content…
This makes them turn to the internet for help. It could help in showing them new ways to be healthy such as workout sites or healthy recipes, but can hurt them by creating unhealthy eating patterns. Unhealthy eating patterns can lead to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. In the article,“ How Pro-Anorexia Websites Exacerbate the Eating Disorder Epidemic” written by Mike Marioni, the author discusses how These two siblings were both adopted from Russia and how the older brother told the sister that she was fat. She always took it seriously and after her brother took his own life, she decided to remember him by losing weight. Also, Mariani explained how she would watch videos online to help her not eat. When she started to feel hungry, she would look up a video on how good skinny tastes. These videos would influence her that she wasn’t hungry. After she watched these videos, her parents got involved and she ended up going through surgery for anorexia
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