Body Image Has Changed Throughout The Years

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Body image has changed throughout the years. The feeling that you have to have this perfect body has grown. Body image is an issue in today’s society especially through the media outlets.
What is body image? Body image is what one sees about themselves. What you imagine their appearance to be. This could include their weight or height. Most importantly it is how one feels about themselves. Do they feel happy with what they see? Maybe they feel sad with they see. Roughly 91 percent of women are not confident with their figures. Body stereotypes haves changed throughout the years. Since times began body image has been a big deal. A few examples being; in the 1920’s it was the flapper look. The flapper look being petite and straight as a board. Next in the 1950’s it became the hourglass figure also known as the pin up girl. This figure was very curvy but still with a slim waist. The 1980’s was the supermodel body. This being a tall athletic physique. In current times it’s alike to the 1950’s. Everyone wants the Kim Kardashian body. A skinny waist with big assets. In America only five percent of the population are happy and have the figure that is “normal”. Body image is greatly influenced by our peer and the culture we live in. If we are around people that motivate and give positivity towards our bodies then we will have a higher self-esteem. Just as if we are around people that are negative. When around others that give insults and degrade you, then you will have a low self-…
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