Body Image Pressure Essay

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9 November 2016
Girls Feel Pressure to Have the Perfect Body Body image has grown to be a very large issue in our society. “This is due to social media growing and the ability to use technology” (Schuten). Women today experience many different pressures and expectations from society. One of the major expectations of young girls is to have the perfect body image. Society is causing girls to worry about their outside appearance instead of focusing on their daily roles in life. For many years’ girls, have been put under the pressure of looking a certain way. The pressure that young girls experience begins in their teenage years. They will do anything from stuffing their shirts, buying special bras just to fit in and to have
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Surrounded by images of young celebrities who are painfully thin or very slender, girls growing up today can feel so much pressure to meet the same standard. Trying hard to look like their idols, some girls fall to eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia, and some abuse drugs to help them lose weight. Celebrities today are slim, pretty and wear lots of makeup. Girls often compare themselves to celebrities and say that they aren’t as good or even as pretty as them. Some celebrities are asked to drop a few pounds before a movie or before they can even get the role. “The average teen girl gets about 18- minutes of media exposure daily and only about 10 minutes of parental interaction a day,” said Renee Hobbs, EdD, associate professor of communications at Temple University. This shows the amount of media teenage girls are influenced by in just one day. Social media, TV, and magazines are proven to be a major contributing factor to representing a perfect body image that influences young teenage girls everywhere. Society expects girls to look a certain way. Most of the time, our opinions of our own bodies are negative, and we feel we do not meet society’s…show more content…
Society tells girls how to look and how to act. They are constantly reminded by society that they should look, act and display themselves in a specific way. Girls are seen to be emotional and overly sensitive. Every girl needs to find their own self-joy and accept that everyone has flaws that they cannot change. Everyone has flaws, even supermodels do, just learn to accept them. It is not about looking magazine-cover beautiful. Hold high standards, it only brings you down and puts too much focus on being that perfect girl every girl wants to be. Put in energy to strive toward. Then accomplish a bunch of things and feel
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