Body Image in Women in the 21st century

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Body Image is one the topics that we talked about for ages. Girls and women have the biggest effect because they seem to be target no matter what and being analyze. We live in a world where no women can be happy with the way they look and show their natural beauty without changing themselves. Everyone has an opinion about the perfect body would be, but they would take away from a person individuality. In a modern popular culture, the media, society, race, sexuality and culture perpetuate image norms. In this paper, I describe and support with evidence how these issues contribute to body image in women and how to change it. Currently, the Western culture has put an emphasis on body image and has allowed young girls and women to adapt to…show more content…
The biggest industry is beauty; the beauty culture shapes a women body image and tells what we could or should be. Rice (2013) says there is pressure and control of the body has increased and diversified for girls growing up in today’s world. We can see happening, women find themselves trying to look their best and always judging them when they do not look a certain way. Rice (2013) states that because of this in the Western culture, we have grown to values a certain shape and size as part of the body beautiful. This means that the cultural meaning gives the notions of difference and desirability, many girls and women see their bodies as a self-making project to fit the certain shape and size. In our culture, a female body is an object and especially seeing white women’s bodies as being a desirable object. For example, a thin white female body is associated with health, wealth, sexiness, self-discipline and success. There are many images circulate around in the Western culture that show us what the perfect size and shape should look like and how it can be achieve. Just in the same way, the Western culture looks down on women who do not fit the ideal size. Rice (2013) says there is a growing dialogue about body acceptance, fat is seen as unattractive, physical or emotionally unhealthy, downwardly mobile and a lack of body and self-control. Women do not accept body because they listen to what people say, making them insecure about their bodies. LeBesco (2013)
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