Body Images Consequences

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The Consequences of Body Images Portrayed in Advertisement
Advertisements sell the ideal look of a human being along with the idea that consumer goods bring happiness, thus creating superficial visions of the world. Jhally’s study argues that the contemporary world is saturated with advertising messages that persuade consumers to buy goods by manipulating them into thinking those goods are connected to important domains in their lives. The Author’s main point is that to connect goods as an important necessity for happiness in ones life, advertisers use existing values and attitudes that are shared by the target audience. (Jhally, 1990).
Advertisers break down the population into subgroups, allowing media programmers to identify which group would be best to target for their media products, thus creating their niche audiences in hope to strongly persuade society and alter their beliefs about needs. As Potter describes the transported exposure state as, “audience members lose their sense of separateness from the message-that is, they are swept away with the message, enter the world of the message and lose track of their own social world
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From this altered perception of the human body, people, like this student, develop higher standards of their own body images and higher standards for other people, especially romantic partners. Overwhelming insecurities can then develop in both genders and lead to a multitude of problems, such as, eating disorders, social disorders, drug abuse, bullying, and surgical altercations of one’s body. (Nierengarten, 2005). This student has experienced these insecurities personally as she often had social anxiety for not looking or acting a way that is similar to how the media portrays females. She has also witnessed numerous friends who have had more severe body image problems such as eating disorders and
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