Body Language and Effective Communication

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Body Language & Effective Communication People do not communicate through words alone, or only through writing, speaking and listening. There is another aspect of communication, i.e., nonverbal (non-word). Nonverbal communication is the wordless world of communication. Body language is one of the forms of nonverbal communication, which has been much researched. It is the communication of personal feelings, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts through body movements. Insomuch, society is concerned with things such as body movements, freedom, occasions, voice tone, general characteristics of the environment color, layout, design and any other kind of visual and/or audio signals that the communicator may devise (Hogan, 2010). The study of physical movement of body is also known as kinesics. The body language mainly includes gestures, postures, eye contact, facial expressions, handshake, etc. Each individual is different and has unique ways of communicating his or her thoughts. In the present competitive era, only the best of the organizations can survive. Individuals make the organizations, and hence the effective use of body language by the employees eventually leads to organizational success by minding the body talk, establishing appropriate eye contact, and expressing authenticity. Importance of Body Language It is known that body language refers to nonverbal mode of communication. On scientific analysis, it has been found that the different aspects of communication
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