Body Modification And Its Effects On Society

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Imagine a young woman sitting in a chair, waiting for the artist to come in. She looks around the room, noticing the various designs on the walls. She thinks about what she asked for; does she really want a flower permanently drawn on her shoulder blade? What if someone sees it? Will her friends and family see her differently once she gets it? What would her boss think? After this she plans on getting a few piercings too, but she does not want people to think she is a thug. She is thinking these things because of stigma she has heard against people with body modifications. Society forms unfair biases professionally, religiously, and generally against people who choose to modify their bodies in ways seen as untraditional. First, to understand why others are uncomfortable with body modification, one should try to understand the process. Tattoos, as they vary in size and complexity, can take a few minutes to several hours. It is a painful process, as the gun is repeatedly puncturing the second layer of the skin, the vein-filled dermis, with needles dipped in ink (Levy 4). Piercings have a similar process, but instead of continuously poking people with several needles, a single puncture wound is made through the skin and a piece of jewelry is slipped in. Throughout both of these processes, sterile tools should be used, the artist should wash his or her hands and wear gloves, and the wounds should be cleansed and later bandaged if necessary (Sawyer 13, 22). If the proper steps
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