Body Muscles Essay

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Malliaropoulos (2012) defines a weak link as the most vulnerable and undependable section of something such as body muscles. It is vital for every exercise and fitness trainers, trainees and professional to understand the weakest links on their musts to ensure the training is impressive. In compound exercises, a group of body muscles work together as compared to practices. Muscles are analogized to chains, chains are said to be strong as their weakest links. The group of muscles may be working together, but a small weakness in it would make it snap and incapacitate it. For instance the muscles of limbs are strong and work together, however, weak back muscles limit the ability to push or pull a load. When doing fitness exercises such as sit-ups, press-ups, squats and pull-ups the muscles affects the amount of the training that are done. Athletes who have frail hamstrings often experience injuries as they limit strides they make while running (Malliaropoulos, 2012). For efficient working muscles, the fitness should center on compound exercises that work together the several group of muscles rather than exercises that isolate particular…show more content…
The workout must the compound that will comprise of reinforcement and stretching of muscles in groups with a balanced quadriceps stretch and strengthening. The trainer must ensure their trainees exercise the lower and upper knee muscles effective through sit-ups, pull-ups, frog jumps and other exercises that will ensure the hamstrings are reinforced and strong. Persons walking or running may fail to do so because of the tight and inflexible hamstrings, however, once they have regained elasticity the person can resume (Malliaropoulos, 2012). Keeping to the body balanced and the quadriceps flexible as much as possible through compound exercises prevents the injuries and pain in the mid and lower
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