Body Norms In Lesbian And Homosexual Culture

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Times have changed we are living in a world more liberal , where for society is more commom see same sex couples, where same sex marriage are allowed , where laws protect people with different sexual orientation. Even in this times people with different sexual orientation are afraid to show their identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender for fear of suffering some kind of abuse by society.

we are in a society where discrimination bullying physical abuse is a problem since anyone could be a victim of it. In many cases we have seen that people with sexual orientation, have suffered any kind of discrimination and for that reason many of them are afraid to show to society who they really are for fear of being discriminated. In …show more content…

In the article “ Body Norms In Lesbian Culture” by Cogan, Jeanine C talks about how some lesbian feel after coming out of the closet after long time hiding their identity as lesbians and being tied to beauty expectations from society this are some things lesbian have to do for the prejudices of people. According to Cogan says “ Some lesbians talked about the freedom they experienced after coming out--freedom to abandon traditional beauty expectations that forced them into high heels, dresses, and big hair, styles that for some felt uncomfortable and even clown-like” Basically this author based on surveys made it to lesbian and they answered how they felt after they came out of the closet. This made them feel comfortable because they can not express who they are in reality because society forced them even when the times have changed and they have the rights to be want they want. In the article “Nowhere Woman? A Reflection on Being Indian, Lesbian, and Academic in the United States” by Sadarangani, Umeeta talks about the experiences of being lesbian and how hard can be for lesbians build their identity and find a place where they can feel comfortable and feel that they belong to that place. Sadarangani states that “ My conventionally feminine appearance leads most people to assume I am heterosexual. While my looks protect me from certain prejudices, they have also made it more difficult to find a community of either lesbian or

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