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Our Bodies in the Media In any civilization appearance has a huge impact on the daily lives, of those living in it. Some cultures favor piercings, others strength, some wear clothes, others do not. The contributing factors for how they appear, typically go back to traditional roots. Our culture in the US, although influenced by our history, now has to deal with an almost daily changes seen in the media. It is nearly impossible to keep up with what is “in” and how we are “supposed” to look. With so much advertising and media focusing on a particular self image, there is no doubt why so many people struggle with accepting their self image. Both males and females, are both affected by man different outlets. Whether it be a victoria…show more content…
This, although maybe not always on a conscious level can play into the minds of the kids using them, and the adults purchasing them. It seems girls are often more linked to body image issues than males, but that does not mean it does not exisit. While male figurines have continued to get bigger and stronger over the years, girls toys have had a different trend. “If Barbie was a real woman, she would be 5’6” and weigh 120 pounds”n the book “Ken and Barbie at Life Size,” author Kevin Norton states that only about one in 100,000 women actually match the Barbie body image( “Considering barbie has been a popular toy for many years, its safe to assume a lot of girls have seen one. in fact, we frequently give young children toys designed to allow them to practice for roles they will take on as adults.”So what do Barbie dolls teach children about the world? They teach children that it is desirable to be thin, very thin. They teach children to strive for an unrealistic body image.( That is one viewpoint, although I could not find any facts directly correlating to Barbies effect on girls body image. So as we see there are a number of different ways our body image affects us on a daily basis. Whether we are reading a magazine, or walking through a toy store, we are exposed to many different examples of what a body

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