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Introductory Paragraph For years, people have been debating whether schools should have extra sporting activities. Studies have shown that children who attend after school activities have an increasing downfall in their grades. Therefore, schools should eliminate sports to allow students more time for their homework, help districts save money for school renovations, and prevent students from getting overwhelmed with extra academic practice. Body Paragraph#1 Although schools have had sports for many years, they should be putting their focus and concern towards students academics. According to Ripley, 20 nations have better high school graduation rates than Premont high school (11). Amanda Ripley says “America lags behind many countries academically and more than 20 nations have better high school graduation rates (10). This shows how important academics are and how sports can easily take it away. This is important for schools to pay attention to if they are experiencing academic failures and increasing debt. Body Paragraph #2 Although academics are a concern, schools still need to focus on the costs of sports. According to Ripley, concession stands rarely cover the costs for home games such as security and cleaning crews (11).…show more content…
When Superintendent Ernest Singleton of Premont Independent School District in Premont, Texas canceled sports, students grades went up tremendously from 50 to 80 percent (Ripley 11). A former Premont quarterback who started playing club football on weekends said, “There was all this extra time, you never got behind on your work” (Ripley 11). This data shows that if schools eliminate sports, students can have additional time to increase their grades. Clearly, if schools eliminate sports, students can have a chance to improve in any academic failures that they are
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