Body Rituals Among the Nacirema Tribe

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Body rituals among the Nacirema tribe The story relates to how we seek perfection on our bodies. It demonstrates how people will perform extreme procedures to achieve perfection, and even after this they will still feel they are ugly and not perfect. The rituals performed by the Nacirema tribe may seem inhumane, but if compared to our current culture and the procedures people perform on their bodies there is no much difference. I viewed the things they did as bizarre, but on close analysis of our culture, I realized they are no different from the things we do to achieve bodily perfection. I believe that other people who look or read about the things we do think if them as been inhumane. We view our bodies as ugly, and seek medical and unconventional methods to achieve or prevent this ugliness. Some of the customs we undertake include body piercing, waxing, tattooing, facial and body surgeries and makeovers. There may not be a culture, but people do these things willingly just as the Nacirema tribe. People spend a lot of money doing these things in an endeavor to make themselves beautiful. The behavior of mouth cleansing was very interesting because, though they realize that their teeth still decay even after doing the rituals the tribe still continued to perform the rituals. This behavior is evident with our current culture in that though we realize something is not working as we intended, we still believe in it and continue to do it with the hopes that we will achieve
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